Eduard Tubin (1905-1982)
Symfoni nr 7, Estniska danser,
Musik för stråkar

Helsingborgs Symfoniorkester
Hans-Peter Frank

611 851-002 2 CD

486 571-002 4 Digital Reissue


Symphony No. 7, ETW 7
1. Allegro Moderato
2. Largetto
3. Allergro miciale

Suite on Estonian Dances. ETW 15
4. Ristpulkandetantz
5. Pikkingliska
6. Setutantz

Music for Strings, ETW 18
7. Moderato
8. Allegro
9. Adagio

Recording Date: September 1983 & April 1984
Recording Location:
Helsingborgs Konserthus, Sweden
Produced by: Henrik Halén, Richard Sundstedt
Balance Engineer: Göran Finnberg
Format: ADD Stereo

Recording Information

Tubins sjunde symfoni är anpassad för en mindre orkesters möjligheter och uruppfördes 1959 i Gävle under ledning av Gunnar Staern. På CD:n finns även verken Estniska danssviter och Musik för stråkar.

A change took place in Tubin's style around the time of the sixth symphony; the music became harmonically more astringent. The finale of the seventh symphony makes much use of a theme with all twelve notes, though it is tonal. The shift to a less nationalistic and more international and angst-filled style came after Tubin had fled Estonia to Sweden when the country was occupied by the Soviet Union.

Tubin was born in Torila near Kallaste, Estonia.Tubin slowly began to gain recognition, particularly after the conductor Neeme Järvi, also an Estonian, moved to the USA in 1980. In the last year of his life his Tenth Symphony was performed by the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and he received several awards from Swedish music organisations.

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