Antonín Dvorák (1841-1904)
Biblical Songs, Op. 99

Fernström (1897-1961)
Symphony No. 12, Op. 92

Birgit Finnilä, alto
Malmö SymfoniOrkester,
Vernon Handley

611 861-006 2 CD

486 571-006 4 DH Digital Reissue


Dvorák: Biblické Pisné, Op 99
[1] No. 1, "Clouds and darkness"
[2] No. 2, "Lord, Thou art my refuge"
3. No. 3, "Hear my prayer o God"
[4] No. 4, "The Lord is my shepherd"
[5] No. 5, "I will sing a new song"
[6] No. 6, "Hear my prayer, O God"
[7] No. 7, "By the waters of Babylon"
[8] No. 8, "Turn Thee unto me"
[9] No. 9, "I will lift up mine eyes"
[10] No. 10, "O sing unto the Lord"

Fernström: Symphony Nr. 12, Op 92
[11] Introduction: allegro et adagio (14'46)
[12] Giga fantastica (6'34)
[13] Finale (11'06)

Recording Date: August 1987
Recording Location:
Malmö S:t Johannes kyrka, Malmö, Sweden
Produced by: Andrew Keener
Balance Engineer: Göran Finnberg
Format: DDD Stereo

Recording Information

Fernström is hardly a familiar name… even in Sweden. A few words of introduction. He was born in China of missionary parents and only came to Sweden (the home of his parents) when he was 16. He earned a crust or two as a professional violinist and as a teacher. He was not a denizen of Stockholm and though his numerous compositions were performed throughout Sweden, outside the metropolis, he never completely escaped a reputation as a provincial.

Symphony No. 12 plays just over the half hour in three movements. This is turbulent, catastrophic, haunted music with a touch of the unsentimentality of Markevich and the onomatopoeic approach of Nystroem in his Tempest prelude and the storm section of Sinfonia del Mare. At other times Fernström's music grunts and scuffs along like a Kurt Weill symphony or relaxes into Coplandesque home-spun.

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