Lars-Erik Larsson (1908-1986)
String Quartets No. 1, 2 & 3
Intima miniatyrer

Helsingborg Stråkkvartett
Åsa Ruder, Bengt Erik Nordén
Bengt Ericsson, Göran Lindström

486 572-003 2 CD Reissue (611 862-003 2)

486 572-003 4 Digital Reissue


String Quartet No. 1 Op. 31 (1944)
[1] I. Allegro ma non troppo
[2] II. Adagio - Allegro giocoso – Adagio
[3] III. Molto vivace

String Quartet No. 2 “Quartetto alla serenata” Op. 44 (1955)
[4] I. Allegro giocoso
[5] II. “Canzonetta” Andantino
[6] III. Andante tranquillo - Allegro vivace

String Quartet No. 3 Op. 65 (1975)
[7] I. Allegro
[8] II. Allegretto - Presto – Allegretto
[9] III. Largo

Intima miniatyrer, Op. 20 (1962)
[10] I. Adagio
[11] II. Allegro moderato
[12] III. Andante sostenuto
[13] IV. Allegro

Recording Date: February & April 1986
Recording Location:
Rosengårdskyrkan, Helsingborg, Sweden
Produced by: Francis Norreen
Balance Engineer: Göran Finnberg
Format: DDD Stereo

Recording Information

Lars-Erik Larsson is one of the best-loved Swedish composers. Born on 15th May 1908 in Åkarp, died on December 27th 1986 in Helsingborg. After taking the organist examination in 1924, he studied composition with Ernst Ellberg at the Stockholm Conservatory between 1925 and 1929. He continued his studies with Alban Berg in Vienna the following year, and thereafter, 1930-1931, with Fritz Reuter in Leipzig. He was chorus master at the Royal Opera in Stockholm the same year, and between 1933 and 1937 he worked as music critic for Lunds Dagblad. He was a frequent conductor at Swedish Radio 1937-1954. Between 1947 and 1959 he was professor of composition at the State Academy of Music in Stockholm and was later (1961) appointed Director Musices at the University of Uppsala, where he worked until 1965.

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