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De Frumerie:
St Johns Eve
Malmö SymfoniOrkester, Sig Westerberg
571 001-2
Grieg/Mendelssohn: Piano Concertos
Justus Frantz, Royal Philharmonic, Sir Menuhin
571 009-2
Eckerberg: Piano Concertos
Pålsson, HSO, Panula
571 003-2
Tubin: Symphony 7 Estonian Dances
HSO Hans-Peter Frank
571 001-2
Berwald: Piano Trios 1-5
Serapin Trio
572 005-2

Spring 1984
Spring 1985
Autumn 1986
Autumn 1987
Autumn 1988
Autumn 1991
At present wo do not make any new releases.

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Gunnar de Frumerie: Johannesnatten
Malmö SymfoniOrkester, Stig Westerberg
571 001-2
Listen to Soundclips
Tubin: Symphony 7
Helsingborg Symfoniorkester, Hans Peter Frank
571 002-2
Listen to Soundclips
Eckerberg: The Piano Concertos
Hans Påhlsson, HSO, Jorma Panula
571 003-2
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A portrait of Inga Nielsen
Inga Nielsen, HSO, Anthony Pappano
571 004-2


Alexandre Guilmant: Organ Sonatas
Bedrich Janacek, organ
573 002-2


Frans Berwald: Piano Quintets
Wiener Philharmoniker Quintett
572 004-2

Frans Berwald: Piano Trios 1-5
The Seraphin Trio
572 005-2

Lars-Erik Larsson: String Quartets
Helsingborg Stråkkvartett
572 003-2

Fernström/Söderberg: String Quartets
572 002-2

Listen to Soundclips Mozart: Double Piano Concerto
Eschenbach, Frantz, SO NDR, Eschenbach
571 004-2
Listen to Soundclips Dvorak: Bibliche Lieder / Fernström
Birgit Finnilä, MSO, Vernon Handley
571 006-2
Listen to Soundclips Haydn: Symphonies 88, 89 & 90
Helsingborg SO, Hans Peter-Frank
571 008-2
Listen to Soundclips Dvorak: Tone Poems
Malmö SymfoniOrkester, Vernon Handley
571 010-2
Listen to Soundclips Nielsen: Orchestral Pieces
Odense SO, Tamās Vetö
571 011-2

At presentwe do not publish new release information.
Certain titles may not be available in every country. Our intention is to make the
Big Ben Phonogram catalogue available worldwide by new digital on line sores.

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